Our Team

As some of New York City’s most respected acupuncturists and Chinese herbalists, we know how to help.
Whether you recently injured your back, have been struggling to conceive, are battling a chronic ailment or just need a little R&R, we can address whatever health concerns you have and provide the best that Chinese medicine has to offer to help you heal. As working moms, we understand the challenges of carving out time for work, play, family & friends, and self-care–especially difficult when we are grappling with a health issue. We offer simple and practical lifestyle and mindfulness tips that you can practice with ease. We are passionate about helping you feel your best so you can continue to pursue the things you enjoy and spend time with the people you love.
Sharon Yeung at Five Seasons Healing

Sharon Yeung MS, L.Ac., Doula

Founder of Five Seasons Healing

Sharon has been in clinical practice helping New Yorkers for more than 15 years. She specializes in fertility, perinatal and family healthcare and all aspects of internal medicine. She has trained extensively with leading clinicians in the US and China and enjoys mentoring newer practitioners in the field. In addition to her offerings rooted in classical Chinese medicine, Sharon takes a mindfulness approach with all of her patients and draws from her extensive background in botanical and nutritional supplementation, buddhist meditation, doula care, martial arts, and yoga to provide a truly holistic approach to health and healing.

Sharon is sought out for her expertise in reading the body’s innate signs, deft execution of classical Chinese medicine diagnosis, and the ability to help patients incorporate positive self-care practices with ease. She is grateful to the long lineage of teachers she has had the great privilege to learn from and for the thousands of patients who have entrusted her in their care. Sharon is an avid climber, runner and nature lover and lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two children.

Wesleyan University, Middletown CT
Touro College, New York NY
Shanghai Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai China
Nanjing Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Nanjing China
Xiangtan Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Xiangtan China

Department of Labor and Delivery, NYU Langone/Lutheran Medical Center, Brooklyn NY

Sa’am Acupuncture: Korean monastic acupuncture method
Engaging Vitality: Dan Bensky, Chip Chase, Marguerite Dinkins
Balance Method: Dr. Tan
Japanese Acupuncture

Chinese Herbal Medicine and Botanicals
White Pine Institute: Sharon Weizenbaum
Dr. Ke Jian Xiao
Dr. Yu Guo Jun
Xiangtan TCM Hospital: Dr. Yin, Dr. Cheng
Elaine Stern L.Ac.

Bodywork and Meditative Practices
Kadampa Buddhism
Genny Kapuler
Body Mind Centering: Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen
Zhenggu Tuina

Fertility/Perinatal Care/Family
Pediatric Department, Nanjing TCM Hospital: Dr. Yin, Dr. Wang
Dr. Debra Betts
Dr. Claudia Citkovitz
Dona International Doula Certification
Japanese Pediatric Acupuncture: Shonishin

Susan Wallmeyer at Five Seasons Healing

Susan Wallmeyer, MSTOM, L.Ac.


Susan Wallmeyer has been in practice for over a decade and is passionate about treating all aspects of women’s health. With an undergraduate degree in Biology (pre-medical concentration), her style of practice is informed by both Eastern and Western medicine. She became interested in Chinese Medicine as an undergrad while simultaneously working as a pharmacy technician and taking a course exploring Eastern medical traditions. Susan felt it was the perfect answer to her desire to work with people to improve their health in a more holistic way.

While earning her Masters Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine, she saw patients at both NYU Hospital for Joint Diseases (Initiative for Women with Disabilities) and San Diego Hospice. After graduation she treated IVF patients onsite at RMA Westside and has worked in both community and private practice settings.

She has recently completed an intensive 2 year program in Maternity Acupuncture Mentorship and Peer Support (MAMPS). This program includes certificates in both perinatal clinical practice and research literacy as well as an advanced certificate in practice and professional outreach. Susan enjoys running, travel, cooking with local produce and can always be found with a new book on women’s health.

Jayne Whitman Five Seasons Healing Office Manager

Jayne Whitman

Office Manager

Jayne is a second year student of Chinese Medicine working on her Masters degree at Pacific College of Health & Science in Manhattan. While she has always been interested in science and the human body, Jayne first found her way to the field while battling chronic Lyme Disease and realized what a lifesaver Chinese Medicine can be. Jayne is thrilled to be learning all the ins and outs of Chinese Medicine, and can’t wait to be able to help others heal. When not studying, Jayne loves to be outside, spend time with her family, read fiction, and draw.