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10 Tricks and Tips for Easing Pregnancy, Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum
Labor & BirthPostpartum

10 Helpful Hints for Pregnancy, Labor and Postpartum

—from the Prenatal Yoga Center Please enjoy this list of 10 healthful hints for pregnancy, labor and postpartum. Much of this information is gathered from …

Promoting Healthy Hair with Traditional Chinese Medicine Post-Partum Haircare
AcupunctureChinese Herbal Medicine

Post-Partum Haircare

After giving birth, when hormone levels return to normal, new moms often experience many physical and emotional changes. One of the most frustrating is hair …

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Castor Oil Packs for Health

I was first introduced to the magic of castor oil by the acupuncturist that I had been seeing over a decade ago. He suggested that I try rubbing some castor oil on swollen glands that were still hanging out at the tail end of a cold. Skeptical but open, I walked over to the health

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5 Ways to Improve Working & Learning From Home

With 2021 underway, for many of us, our daily routines are only a shadow of a resemblance to what they were pre-pandemic. While there are certainly perks to being able to work or learn from home, after nearly a year of doing so, we may be starting to feel some negative effects mentally, physically, and

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So You’re Getting the Vaccine. Here’s How We Can Help.

As more and more people become eligible for the Covid-19 vaccine, we wanted to let you know how Chinese medicine can support you during this time. Most people who have already received the vaccination have reported symptoms of fatigue, fever, headache, muscle soreness and/or nausea within 24-48 hours after receiving the shot. These symptoms are

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